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Top Applications for Commercial Window Tinting

Top Applications for Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial window tinting does more than just give your exterior business a fresh look. It can help reduce energy costs, reduce glare inside your commercial space, reduce UV exposure for people inside, and increase the security and strength of your windows. It can be applied to more than your exterior windows though, your interior windows can also have window tinting and film applied to give a sleeker, more professional look.

Five Spaces to Implement Commercial Window Tinting

Think about the windows in your commercial business. There are probably some people who have an office that they would prefer people not to see into, there may be glass dividers that could use an element of design, there are many different ways to implement commercial window tinting and commercial window film in your business.

Your Office Kitchen

Adding a simple glass window film to your kitchen cabinet windows or other glass surfaces in your office kitchen is a great way to add flair and design to an often dull space. It adds a level of decoration that can boost employee morale and give the impression to visitors that you’re a sleek and savvy business.

Frost Your Windows

If you work in a shared office building, you may want to add window tint or frosted windows to your front office area. It helps prevent curious wanderers and adds extra privacy for your office staff. It can also provide an added level of security if your front windows were to ever be broken. Window film strengthens the glass by keeping it all in place in the event of a break-in. So not only will your windows be more decorative and private, you’ll have that added level of security.

Bathroom Windows

There may not always be windows in your bathroom, but if there are, adding window film or window tint can add a lot of privacy. And in the bathroom, privacy is always welcomed! Mirrors or other glass surfaces in your office bathrooms could also have film added to it for a more stylish look.

Doors and Windows

Exterior doors and windows are a great opportunity to add commercial window tint and film. It helps add an extra level of privacy, security, and professional look. If you have a secretary or someone who sits at the front of your building, this type of window tint will help keep the sun out of their eyes, better protect them from UV rays, and add peace of mind so they aren’t leery of everyone passing by.

Types of Commercial Window Tints

There are different types of commercial window tinting effects. Some are more design-oriented while some are more privacy-oriented.

Etched Glass

Window tint and film can give your glass surfaces an etched glass appearance, depending on your choice. If you have a company logo you would want on windows or doors, maybe a certain phrase or company slogan to display to remind employees what the end goal is. There are countless etched glass designs to choose from.

Rice Paper Film

For an extra layer of security and privacy, rice paper film does just that. Commercial window film strengthens glass surfaces by holding them in place. If glass breaks when commercial window film is used, it will look as if the window is still intact but has minor fractures throughout. It also helps keep employees inside safe. Glass will stay in place so employees won’t be struck by stray shards.

Design Your Own

Have a specific design or idea to implement for your commercial windows? Say no more! At Eclipse Window Tint, we’re here to help you achieve your commercial window tinting and design needs.

Superior On-Site Service

Ready to take your commercial windows, doors, or other glass surfaces to the next level? At Eclipse Window Tint, we’re the commercial window tint experts in Puerto Vallarta and have been doing this for over 20 years. Our team is flexible, friendly, and easy to work with.

Contact us today to receive a free estimate and give your commercial building the sleek and desired look you’ve always wanted!

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